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Hi, I'm Kristina

& I'm committed to helping you build a profitable creator business.  

I teach ambitious creators yearning to build a profitable business how to make a consistent income online (without burning out).

If you’re serious about taking your social media-side hustle to a six-figure business, you’re in the right place!

In 2018, I began working alongside well-known lifestyle brands in the US to manage their influencer strategy. 

Since then, I’ve paid out over $25,000,000 to creators just like you on behalf of these brands for paid brand partnerships.

I've also traveled around the US to organize in-person influencer events for fashion, food & wellness brands. 

my history and experience

In additional to my professional background working in content production, social media management and influencer marketing, I'm also a photographer!

My photography career started in 2010 and I've since worked with brands to create content for their social media channels, website & product packaging. 

I've worked with brands including: 

  • IHG Hotels 
  • Adobe Express 
  • Primark 
  • Blue Apron

as an Influencer Marketing Manager & then as a content creator. This allows me to uniquely coach fellow creators from a 360 degree perspective. 

Since starting my coaching business in January 2021, I've coached hundreds of creators how to "think like a marketer" using my insider industry knowledge. 

This approach has helped creators secure partnerships with brands including Cover Girl, Third Love & Poshmark.

I'm Your Influencer Industry Insider...

I've worked on both sides of the industry...

  • Coravin
  • Fab Fit Fun
  • Pipette Baby
  • Dole